Adults & Strategies for Successful Living

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What are some strategies that adults with AD/HD can use for organization?

Adults & Strategies for Successful Living

While many are concerned about ADHD in children and the challenges they face, adults who have ADHD have challenges of their own. The difficulty they experience staying organized, focused, and processing multiple tasks often leads to shortcomings in their jobs, relationships and how they manage their finances.

When adults with ADHD fall short of their own expectations, other conditions such as depression, anxiety, anger management issues, and even substance abuse may result.

While therapy and medication can be helpful when it comes to ADHD adults accepting themselves for who they are, it is still often necessary for these adults to approach life a bit differently in order to stay motivated and keep up with the responsibilities that come with adulthood.

There are many tactics ADHD adults can use in order to stay productive and motivated:

*Taking advantage of electronic calendars and setting reminders for important tasks.

*Wearing headphones with white noise or other uncomplicated music to help tune out distractions.

*Choosing a career that reflects their interests to avoid boredom and dis-satisfaction.

*Making written to-do lists and offer tangible rewards when tasks are completed.

*Taking advantage of hyper-focused times and working ahead when possible.



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