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What is the best way to share behavioral information with teachers?

Teacher's Pet

Share with teachers and staff the behavioral techniques that have been effective for you at home and ask them to implement them for your child at school. Consistency and continuity at home and school reinforce the expectations both environments hold for your child.

You could ask to have your written recommendations for behavior management or other notes placed in a file. Many teachers communicate by e-mail, and some by sending notes home. Whatever method you and the teacher and/or staff work out be consistent in updating the file as needed. It helps to think of yourself as a "team member" working cooperatively along with school faculty and staff. Each school has its own system. If your school has a different kind of "check in" system please take advantage of the communication and update often.



12/30/2008 6:27:04 PM
sirloya said:

This is a really good idea. I have tried using this and I believe that it does work, if the teachers are willing to work with you on what you tell them. Make them listen.


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