Befriending The Teacher

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Is it okay to share information about AD/HD with a first-year teacher?

Befriending The Teacher

Newly graduated teachers who are inexperienced in dealing with AD/HD children will benefit from your wisdom. AD/HD is a diagnosis, not an excuse. Be a friendly resource for them. Some ideas that may help are to write down your behavior plan and let the teacher know the techniques that work well for your child. You can also share your intervention strategies with the teacher. This might include redirecting or assigning the child to assist with some classroom chore. Let the teacher know if your child has processing difficulties. Too many flashing lights, for example, may agitate your child.

Ask the teacher to provide a warning to your child when a rule has been broken. Encourage the teacher to notice and comment in a positive manner when your child had successfully met a deadline or stayed on task. You might go shopping and fill a "Treasure Box" with small items that children will enjoy and donate it to the classroom. Teachers often come out-of-pocket for this kind of thing, so this donation would be appreciated by both the teacher and the students.

Finally, ask the teacher specifically what you can do to help: make copies, file papers, fill out forms or any other clerical task that will make his or her school day easier.

Teachers might appreciate hearing how you deliver praise, "I trust you to do this work..." or "Remember when you could not write in cursive? Look at you now!"



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