Getting It Together – And Keeping It There

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Are there any organizers that help organize schoolwork?

Getting It Together – And Keeping It There

Organizational issues are a problem for many children, but especially for children with AD/HD. Check the Web for vendors that specialize in these kinds of products, such as the Pac-Kit (Planner Agenda Calendar) created by the mother of four sons—some of them with ADHD. This product and many more are available online.

There are many different kinds of products available that help children stay on track with their activities. These include appointment calendars, electronic calendars designed for the computer, dry-erase boards which are used as a messaging centers, and clever containers designed to keep closets, drawers or cabinets tidy.

Color coordinated hangers for the closet can help children sort out "Sunday Best" from school clothes. Use a different colored hanger to keep track of each category of clothing. For instance, blue hangers might be used for school clothes only. White hangers might be designated for "Dress" clothes. There is also a product that helps you fold clothes uniformly each and every time. Check the local stores or the Internet for a "Flip Fold" device. They make folding laundry fast and fun. Best of all, the clothing is uniformly folded making stacking clothes on shelves or in drawers a breeze, and often with room to spare.

Baskets and storage containers that fit under the bed are ideal for smaller spaces. Small shelves, available in home goods sections, place above a desk or a bed provide instant storage for books (laid on their side) or other items.

A laundry hamper in each room, in different colors, can help make doing laundry a lot easier. Each family member can bring his or her hamper to the laundry room as scheduled.



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