Clock In!

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Any hints for how to stay with a chore?

Clock In!

Timers and alarm clocks are a boon for ADD and ADHD individuals because they provide both auditory and visual clue for self-pacing.

It is helpful to have two kinds of clocks in the family home. A windup clock or a battery driven one is always ready in case of a power failure. This eliminates the excuse that the power was out therefore the clock did not ring.

Timers are great tools because they can be set to any number of minutes and it helps everyone stay on task or denote a time of "take a break."

Time chunking works well for Attention Deficit individuals. This involves focusing on a single task until it is completed. Homework may be done using time chunks. Household chores may be done using this method. When a child recognizes that all he or she has to focus on is a single task, it often is perceived as "doable" by the child because the distraction of having to do two or more things at once is removed.

By taping a "To Do" list to your clock, you can review how much progress as you check the time throughout the day.

Whatever the chore, work in 15-30 minutes chunks of time and don't do anything else until you have completed that task. Take a water break and then return to the task in short segments until the task is completed. Make a note of how long the job took. This will help make scheduling work, chores, and other activities easier.



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