A Unique Perspective

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A Unique Perspective

ADD and ADHD are what they are - brains wired a particular way. It is a different way of seeing the world and a different way of being in the world. There are many successful, talented and creative individuals that share this diagnosis: celebrities, top executives, inventors, physicians, lawyers, engineers, and other gifted individuals.

While traits such as stubbornness and willfulness are not usually our favorite traits in children, these traits are useful skills for navigating life successfully, especially when a child will not give up his or her dream easily Because children with "race car brains" are so creative, they often come up with ingenious solutions for tricky problems. When we experience sadness, these children bring a zany zest for life, along with a delicious sense of humor into our lives.

I once read that ADHD is a diagnosis, not a destiny. And the list of successful adults that have overcome his or her obstacles ought to inspire the rest of us to continue working steadily toward our hopes, dreams, and visions. Take heart. Focus on your child's creativity, humor, and other gifts. Provide encouragement to your child to stay the course every day. Take care of yourself, surround yourself with positive people, and move forward step-by-step. There is always hope.



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