Symptoms And Impairment

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What is ADHD an impairment?

Symptoms And Impairment

Understand the difference between 'symptoms' and 'impairment.' Symptoms are signs of the presence of an illness. For instance, a fever indicates the presence of an infection. Impairment, on the other hand, implies a reduced ability to function optimally. Again, diagnosis is not necessarily destiny. There are many ways of addressing Attention Deficit Disorder and options may include: medication, therapy, educational support or alternative remedies including specialized computer software designed to improve focus and short-term memory recall. Sometimes a combination of these modalities is appropriate.

There are many successful adults that have learned how to work with the symptoms of ADD and ADHD. Creativity, intuition, resilience, and a delightful sense of humor are a few of the advantages of ADD.

Some children have issues with impulsivity and distractibility yet they are capable of meeting success at home and in school, but the uneven performance can be stressful for everyone involved. Teachers want children to meet academic success as do parents and the child. When a child has Attention Deficit Disorder it often takes numerous adjustments, some minor, some major. Sometimes, ADHD is not a stand alone diagnosis. There may be other factors involved including learning disabilities. It takes team work to put together a plan that will be effective. s.

Life with ADD or ADHD children can be rich and joyful. Search for the hidden treasure inside, create a space for their strongest gifts, and enjoy a deep sense of connection with them. These are amazing and talented children. What the need is a chance and a safe place to land.



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