Ten Reasons to Celebrate Exceptional Children:

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So what's right about these children? (A lot!)

Ten Reasons to Celebrate Exceptional Children:

Parents, teachers, and others who interact with ADD or ADHD children often wonder about their future. Will their scattered tendencies create difficulty when they get jobs? Will they pay their bills on time? How will they be able to keep track of all of the information that drives busy lives? And what about their tendency to speak out spontaneously without pausing to think about the appropriateness of the comment? Listed here are 10 traits that celebrate what is right about these highly creative, intelligent, and intuitive children.

1. As the owners of differently wired brains, these children are imaginative, creative, loving, visual, artistic and often gifted in music or creating exciting, imaginative stories. They bring excitement into the world.

2. The traits that many consider to be negative are actually positive when you consider that these children are born entrepreneurs and explorers.

3. These children are born world changers. Their passion for their vision drives them to be idealistic and they tend to pursue their interests in a single-minded way.

4. These children are natural risk-takers and ideally suited to those ventures that call for self-directed dedication.

5. These children thrive in situations where they are free to create structure that will support intuitive approaches.

6. These children are born leaders. They thrive when they are encouraged to use their gifts of charisma freely.

7. These children tend to wear their hearts on their sleeves and they seek relationship, a sense of connection with those whom they love, a sense of belonging, and a purpose.

8. These children personify persistence and their future success will be based on their ability to pursue their goals in a diligent and persistent manner.

9. When allowed to develop their innate gifts, these children heal from the inside out. Their natural creativity and gift of visualization restores their sense of purpose and joy. Their confidence soars.

10. They enrich the community with their vibrancy, compassion for those who are misunderstood and under-appreciated and their sharp intellect.



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