The Gift of a Bright Mind

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The Gift of a Bright Mind

Attention Deficit Disorder has its disadvantages, but it also brings great gifts to the table, and one of those gifts is a very bright mind. ADD, with or without learning disabilities, cannot stop great minds from creating.

Bright minds can create magnificent artwork, music, fashion, or poetry. Just ask Tommy Hilfiger, Tony Bennett, or musician Jewel. Follow the lead of William "Bill" Packard, Richard Rogers, architect, or Bill Wilson, a fire investigator credited with solving the unsolvable in car crashes. Bright minds write beautiful stories: Fanny Flagg, Stephen J. Cannell, and Pulitzer Prize winner, Gareth Cook. And bright minds entertain us: Suzanne Sommers, Henry Winkler, Vince Vaughn, Jay Leno, and British Chef, Jamie Oliver.

The treasure is there. Sometimes it takes time to mine for it, but it is worth it to do so. Notice daily the gifts your child shows to you and the world.



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