The Gift of Tenacity

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The Gift of Tenacity

Many parents lament the fact that their child is "stubborn as a mule." Stubborn is another way of saying that your child is determined and will stay the course. This skill is especially useful in college, trade school, and when well used and purposeful, life in general. A physician that will not give up on a baffling medical case, or a defense attorney doggedly looking for exculpatory evidence, or a parent determined to make life better for his or her child - these are purposeful goals.

Teach your child how to work with this trait. Teach him or her how to use this gift wisely. Power struggles are not a wise use of this gift, persisting until a project is completed well, is. Persisting and enduring in the years it takes to acquire education and skills are the ultimate showcase for the gift of tenacity.



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