The Gift of the Talker & Doer

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The Gift of the Talker & Doer

"Talk, talk, talk. My child never seems to stop talking, except maybe when she is asleep, and I'm not sure she stops then!"

The talker and/or the doer is passionate about life. They seem to have an endless list of questions and boundless energy to pursue them with a white hot intensity.

Believe it or not, we actually enjoy and pay for people to talk to us. We call them Talk Show Hosts and Entertainers. They are well paid, and they tend to endear themselves to us. So talking does have its upside. Likewise, we pay to watch "doers" do their thing. These busy types make life fun, interesting, and dynamic. Doers don't wait for life to happen. They make things happen. They live so fully, authentically, and passionately that they will probably have few regrets when it comes time to tally up the activity scorecard.

Teach your child how to harness these wonderful gifts. It may take a while to get these dynamos to slow down, so be prepared to teach this skill over and over again. Repetition is a large part of your relationship with your child, so make it work for both of you!



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