Famous Business people with ADHD

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Who are the famous ADHD business people?

Famous Business people with ADHD

Henry ford had ADHD. Henry Ford invented mass production and started the Ford Motor Company.
Richard Branson, founder of the hudge Virgin business empire. As a child in the United Kingdom in the 1940s it is unlikely that his childhood behavior would have formally been diagnosed as ADHD but he is almost a textbook case of a youngster with learning challenges. In his offical biography he was a slow learner and at the age of 8 could barely read. "High-spirited" "headstrong" and "a handful" are words used to describe young Branson. His daredevil, rule breaking behavior as a youth served him well as an adult businessman. Even today is office is described as "cluttered" and his desk "virtually invisible under a sea of papers". His hyperactivty seems to know no bounds.
As unlikly as it could have been for young Branson to be diagnosed with ADHD in 1940s Britain, it would have been out of the question for him to be prescribed stimulant medication like ritalin or adderall.



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