ADD ADHD? Make and Keep Friends

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How can I make and keep my friends?

ADD ADHD? Make and Keep Friends

1) take it slow and steady- People with ADHD can be very intense, often having difficulty starting and sustaining a relationship over time.
2) Learn to Listen- Paying attention and responding specifically to what friends say increases your likeability.
2) Get Organized- Losing telephone numbers or addresses or forgeting dates can annoy and alienate friends.
3) Sharing common interests- Commiting to regular activities with your friends, such as hiking or biking enhances relationships.
4) Thinking Small- Remembering a birthday, calling to say "hi", or emailing a get well card all help to cement lasting friendships.
5) Making intentions a reality- Don't procrastinate about making a lunch date, going to a movie or playing basketball. Just do it.



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