How To Stay Motivated While Living With ADD/ADHD

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How to increase motivation and decrease procrastination ADHD ADD?

How To Stay Motivated While Living With ADD/ADHD

Living with ADD/ADHD can be exceedingly difficult, especially when it comes to staying motivated. The truth is that many people try to work against their ADD/ADHD instead of working with it, which in the long run leads to disappointment.

ADD/ADHD centers in the brain, which makes thinking ones way out of repeated thought processes physiologically impossible. So how do you stay motivated? Focus more on the moment than the motivation.

In order to complete a task successfully, you need to be involved in something that sparks, peaks, and holds your interest. For someone with ADD/ADHD, this becomes a quintessential reality. Riding the moment, or a mood, is something that everyone finds themselves doing from time to time. For those of us who have ADD/ADHD, this is the norm.

So do what feels normal. If you find yourself in your room at night and can’t sleep because a picture on the wall is crooked, get up and fix it, and might be surprised to find that by 4:00am, you’ve eliminated most of the clutter in your room.



4/2/2007 3:51:14 PM
Eli said:

this can be a good idea in some cases, but with me if i do this i end up flaking out on the other smaller segments.


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