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How can I help my ADHD childs self esteem?

ADHD child & Self Esteem

Kids with ADD ADHD often have low self-esteem. Struggles with school, social situations and feeling different can all contribute. One of the best ways to boost self-esteem in a child is to help them find something that they're good at - sports, art, dancing, whatever. Take the time to find that special something. To excel in something, be proud of themselves and be looked up to by others can be an invaluable gift.

How do I raise my childs self esteem?

Praise the Unique ADD/ADHD child

Your child knows that they are different. In school they are singled out as "trouble makers" "disobedient" or "not performing up to their potential." I am sure you can remember sometime when you felt left out and unwanted. This usually happens with the ADD/ADHD child. Most people around them are focusing on what they are not doing or should be doing. This can lead to a very frustrating day that can result in a poor self image. To help counter this let them know they are wonderful just the way they are. Tell them how much you enjoy being their parent. Let them know that they make your life more wonderful because they are your child & there is not another person you would choose for that role. It gives the child a "boost" & makes them feel special. This also sets the ground work for them wanting to do their best in school & at home. Let them know you appreciate them just the way they are. This will not only let the child know you believe in them but it will also create a deeper bond between the both of you that will last a lifetime.

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