Diet and ADHD

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Early as it may seem but my 3 1/2 yr son has been diagonised as ADHD. I have observed that his hyperactivity increases with sweets. He also becomes cranky. In general he does not have sweets, but can he be given jaggery instead of sugar in the sweets? Is it advisable to put him on Milk-free diet?

Diet and ADHD

There is no conclusive scientific evidence that a child's diet is a factor in ADHD. However, if you observe that there is a connection there is no harm in eliminating certain foods that may trigger hyperactivity.

Make sure that you try eliminating one item at a time. If you notice a connection between hyperactivity and sugar then restrict the child's intake of sugar. Don't eliminate other food products from his diet at the same time. This way you are able to target problem foods. If the hyperactivity continues after the sugar has been eliminated try restricting milk or other potentially troublesome foods from his diet.

You can try replacing processed sugar with jaggery for a few days. Make sure to keep track of your child's ADHD behavior.

It is important to note other factors in your ADHD child's behavior as well. You may find that there is something other than food triggering his hyperactive behavior.



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