Why AD/HD kids act the way they do.

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What causes AD/HD children to act the way they do?

Why AD/HD kids act the way they do.

Like the rest of us, AD/HD individuals follow, and prefer, patterns of behavior that feels natural, familiar, and comfortable--patterns that used to obtain their objectives. When these patterns are driven by impulsivity, restlessness, excessive distractibility, and for some, hyperactivity and irritability, an AD/HD child's patterns of behavior become more understandable. Many times these children are in search of high stimulation: danger and excitement can be used as a way to focus. These children tend to be easily frustrated, impatient, and flutter from activity to activity, finishing little if anything. The biological origins of this disorder are not clearly understood, even though it may have both genetic and environmental links. While AD/HD can't be cured, it can be managed, and so can the behavior that attends this disorder.



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