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Should my child save the more difficult subjects for last?

Easy Does It

Work from the easier subject to the most difficult one. For example, if math is the subject that is enjoyable and seems easy for your child to do, have your child work in 15-20 minute blocks of time on the math problems. Take a one-two minute water or bathroom
break between homework assignments and begin again until that assignment is finished. The "harder" subjects, once done, is a great reward for the effort your child has just made to complete homework. Review it. Pack it away in the book bag. Stash the book bag by the door and the rest of the afternoon or evening is freed up for some well earned fun.

Some children cannot tolerate any noise when they do homework, others seem to require it. Find out what your child's preference is and honor it. "White Noise" is best. Instrumentals are next best. Music with lyrics can be way too distracting, so save those for another time.

Motivate your child to remain focused on the task at hand by allowing him or her to have something to nibble on: popcorn, cheese cubes, or fiber-rich crackers topped with peanut butter. Also, for the kinesthetic learner, those that learn best through touch and movement, provide small spiny spheres that can be squeezed or spun on the tabletop.

Interestingly, some children do their best work when the are allowed to lie on their tummies and read or fill out answer sheets. Others do better when they stand up and do their homework. Sitting still is agony for motor busy children, so allow them to take a quick lap down a hallway or give them a quick shoulder massage if they do not object, as they take a break between subjects.

If your child is very sensitive to auditory input he or she could wear headphones.

Ultimately, homework is the child's responsibility. If there is too much of a struggle to get it done at home, notify the teacher that you prefer your child not participate in any "fun" activities that day until the missing work has been completed.



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