Chaperoning and Supervision

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What is the best way to chaperone social events?

Chaperoning and Supervision

Provide supervision in a respectful manner. Avoid using threats or scare tactics. Middle School parents can volunteer to chaperon school dances or off-site activities. Most schools are very clear about the rules for behavior when students are on site for extracurricular activities. The parents of High School students need to set firm limits on the age and experience of newly licensed drivers. They may also discuss with their teen curfews for special events such as proms and graduation night celebration parties. Don't hesitate to obtain car tag information for safety reasons when teens travel together for social outings. Don't hesitate to ask for other parent's mobile and home telephone numbers. Don't embarrass your teen by threatening a new companion with “going to jail” if they are a few minutes late from an outing. Don't hover over teens or comment loudly about “get a room.”



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