Rhymes With Bop

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What can I do to stop my negative thoughts?

Rhymes With Bop

Negative thoughts erode confidence and competency. Individuals with Attention Deficit Disorder are especially prone to negative self-talk. These thoughts are subjective, and they can be changed.

Have you ever had a jingle stick in your mind and replay over and over? Likewise, poisonous self-criticism can haunt your thoughts, playing over and over again like a broken record. How can you shift your thoughts? One technique is to use the "Stop" method. Whenever a negative or critical idea goes round and round in your mind practice using the word "STOP." When negative thoughts enter your mind, think "stop." When you are tempted to fly off the handle, think stop. When you are feeling overwhelmed or ready to give up, stop.

There is more for you than what you are feeling now.



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