How girls with ADHD are different

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How are girls with ADD different?

How girls with ADHD are different

For years, it was assumed that ADHD was strictly no girls allowed. Those noisy hyperactive boys got all the attention, and no one noticed the quiet little girls daydreaming in the back of the room. Today, we know that girls can have ADHD, too, and that being hyperactive or daydreamy isn't a function of being male or female.



10/13/2006 4:30:11 PM
m ward said:

Our Daughter has ADHD but our son doesn't. I think it is harder to diagnose in girls and that is why people thought it was only boys that can have it. Someone explained it once to me as their brains being like satellite TV switching constantly to different channels. Think about that with trying to concentrate at school to learn and behaving. Frustrating must be an understatement.


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