Outgrowing ADHD ADD?

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Do we Outgrow ADHD ADD?

Outgrowing ADHD ADD?

Do we outgrow ADHD ADD? The truth is that we now know that only 50% of kids "outgrow" ADHD. Ussually ADHD transforms into anxiety, depression or both when the ADHD ADD children reach adulthood.



8/1/2006 8:58:38 PM
Lynn said:

I was very surprised to receive a diagnosis at 55. The symptoms were there in childhood and as a late teen, but the diagnosis back then was failure to adjust to adulthood.

Later in life, I thought the diagnosis was adult child of an alcoholic with symptoms of chronic mild depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem.
Little did I know that the first diagnosis described the symptoms, but ADD was not ascribed as an older teen diagnosis.

At 55, I still have the anxiety and mild depression, but I understand it's root - ADD. So, I am in the 50% that didn't outgrow it.

As far as dealing with the behavioral aspects go, I have grown to understand that I need to create patterns step by step. An excellent website that is actually helpful is flylady.com which breaks things down to manageable routines.

I hope my story helps you or the people you care for/about.


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