The Key to Helping ADHD Children

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Why is consistency important for ADHD ADD children?

The Key to Helping ADHD Children

Children with ADHD learn at a different pace than other children. Unless the teacher knows what teaching methods to use, the classroom can become a circus. Before teachers approach ADHD students, they first need to educate themselves on recognizing the symptoms of Attention Deficient Hyperactivity Disorder. Next, they need to talk to parents or guardians about the severity of the condition and what techniques have proven to be effective. Find out if the child is on any medication; if so, ensure that the proper dispensary permission slips are on file. Set up the classroom in a way that it is appealing to all the students but especially to the students with ADHD. Help them to stay on task. This can be done in a few steps. Take a few minutes each day to set the pace in the classroom. Have an intervention on hand just in case things get a bit out of control.



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