Ideas on dealing with ADHD in the classroom

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How can I deal with my ADHD student better ?

Ideas on dealing with ADHD in the classroom

Expect your ADHD children to wiggle. They can't sit completely still, and even if they could, they would be concentrating so hard on doing that that all instructions would go out the window. If other students are distracted by them, put them in the back of the room so they can get up, lean against the wall, etc. If they get out of thier seat and wander around the room, make sure it is really interfering with instruction before you make them sit down. I know a student who moves to a different chair about every fifteen minutes, but the others have gotten used to this and he gets his work done, and that's what really counts.



10/4/2007 5:24:38 AM
Julie said:

This used to bother me when I was working with my son no his homework. I thought it wasn't possible that he could be focusing. I've now learned that he concentrates better and understands more when he's allowed to wiggle or play with his cars while I read to him or work with him.


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