Dexedrine Side Effects- ADHD medication

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What are the side effects of Dexedrine?

Dexedrine Side Effects- ADHD medication

Dexedrine: Amphetamine with high potential for abuse, controlled substance, may lead to drug dependence, may exacerbate behavior disturbances and thought disorders and psychotic episodes.

Cardiac side effects: palpitations, rapid heartbeat, hypertension, cardiomyopathy with chronic amphetamine use.



4/2/2007 3:36:11 PM
Emily said:

I am 23 years olds I have ADD my doctor had me it for five years I tryed everthing eles first. Only use this drug for last option only. I became severly addit to it and had to go to rehab. There were a lot of people in because of the meds they had to take to help ther ADD


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