Accomodating Students With ADHD

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should a child with ADHD be in a split class ? He is in grade 5 and has a grade 4 - 5 split. How will this effect his concentration?

Accomodating Students With ADHD

A student who has ADHD should be able to thrive in a split class. The student's Individual Education Plan (IEP) outlines his specific needs in the classroom environment. If the teacher uses the right teaching strategies and follows your child's IEP, there should be no problem.

The school is responsible by law for creating an environment conducive to learning. Proper teaching strategies and interventions are developed to create the least restrictive, most accomodating classroom for students who have ADHD even in a split class.



9/2/2008 6:34:36 PM
Pissed Parent said:

Reality is that schools don't take the IEPs seriously at all. As a parent, I have absolutely no trust in the educators at my childs school.


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