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How can the curriculum be adopted/modified in order to suit hyperactive children?

Modifying Curriculum for Hyperactive Children

Modifying curriculum to suit children who are hyperactive or perhaps have ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) should be done on an individualized basis.

Take into account the types of things that the child struggles with during school or specific classes. When that is done, the curriculum or the environment can be adapted to suit the child.

Many children who are diagnosed with hyperactivity cannot sit and listen to the teacher for long stretches of time. Therefore, it is important that the teacher allow for frequent breaks in instruction.

Children who are diagnosed as hyperactive should be allowed to stand or sit on the floor during instruction. Sometimes just changing how the child is sitting can make a difference in learning.

Hyperactive children can use books on tape and listen to what is being read on tapes with headphones rather than following along with the class. This is a great way to help a hyperactive child focus.

Using hands-on activities are a great way to keep a hyperactive child focused and involved with learning. Any curriculum that utilizes a hands-on approach is a great curriculum to use with children who are ADHD.

I have a child in college - a junior - and just this past summer was diagnosed with a high score of ADHD. Really high for inattentive and high also for movement. Anyway, her college seems not to have heard about her almost and she is not getting any help from her professors at all. We`ve given them

College and ADHD

What happens when a college student is diagnosed with ADHD? How can that student receive the help she needs to be successful in her college classes? Where can she turn for assistance?

Start by contacting the college Students With Disabilities office. Ask the people in this office what the protocol is for students who attend that college who also have been diagnosed with ADHD? The Students With Disabilities office should be able to guide you in what services are available for the student with ADHD.

The student also needs to know that at college, she needs to be her biggest advocate. A student with ADHD has many opportunities for assistance in college, she may need to be sure to help herself.

A student should accommodate herself, in order to learn in a way that works for her. Students with ADHD can tape record classes, or ask the professor for copies of each lecture. The student can then receive the copy of the lecture and listen to it in a quiet environment, such as her dorm room. This also allows for the student to listen to the tapes, and take frequent movement breaks without ever missing any of the lecture.

Students with ADHD should try to utilize assisted technology as often as possible. Computers, graphic organizers, outlines, etc. should all be available on computer programs. These types of services often allow for easier learning for the student with ADHD.

College students with ADHD should also have a coach or, mentor that will continuously check in on her to monitor academic progress, make sure things are organized and to make sure the student is not struggling. A coach can be a friend who is aware of the ADHD, a relative, or someone the college recommends to the student.

Medications are also available for college students with ADHD. If the student does feel that her ADHD is interfering with her learning, she can see a doctor for medication interventions if appropriate.

my child is acting up in the class room, he is easily frustrated (he needs more 1 on 1) and has recently began spitting on his classmates. his teacher says that academically he is doing well, but because of his attitude towards others and his refusal to do any work, he is not doing well in school a


For children with ADD / ADHD who are acting out in the classroom, can be stemmed from other factors. If the teacher said he is progressing academically, it is very possible the acting out and spitting can be due to boredom.

A few suggestions:

* Does your school offer inclusion classrooms?

* Can you have an aide shadow the child?

* If the child thinks at a higher level, maybe moving him into a more challenging atmosphere would stop the behavioral issues.

should a child with ADHD be in a split class ? He is in grade 5 and has a grade 4 - 5 split. How will this effect his concentration?

Accomodating Students With ADHD

A student who has ADHD should be able to thrive in a split class. The student's Individual Education Plan (IEP) outlines his specific needs in the classroom environment. If the teacher uses the right teaching strategies and follows your child's IEP, there should be no problem.

The school is responsible by law for creating an environment conducive to learning. Proper teaching strategies and interventions are developed to create the least restrictive, most accomodating classroom for students who have ADHD even in a split class.

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