The Gift of Humor

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The Gift of Humor

Where would we be without our beloved cut-ups and class clowns? Oh, sure when we are on the receiving end of a particularly clever and honest assessment presented to us in a humorous way, we do not always appreciate the quicksilver mind that produced the quip instantly and effortlessly. Being able to find what's funny in mundane or boring circumstances is a special talent of ADDers. They are masters at turning their personal stories into side-splitting funny monologues.

Despite the fact that many of these children are on the receiving end of hurtful remarks or critical comments or dealing with expectations that they either cannot fulfill or haven't mastered a particular skill yet, it is a marvelous trait to be able to use humor as a way to make life a little less intense. Connect with your child through play and humor.



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manuj said:

i have added feeds of lifetips on adhd on google and i must say all these tips are really good and nicely cleverly differently written ........i luv them


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