The teacher, your child and ADD ADHD

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Do I need to listen to my child´s teacher about ADHD?

The teacher, your child and ADD ADHD

The teacher, your child and ADD
If your child's teacher suggests to you that your child may have ADD ADHD, try to keep an open mind and an even temper. Teachers are trained professionals, knowledgeable about kids and their behavior. They also spend 5 or 6 consecutive hours daily with your child. Remember that they can't diagnose ADHD. Only a professional psychologist or psychiatrist can asess & diagnose attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Do not be pressured by the school to put your child on medication. It is not thier place to decide what your child needs. If ADHD ADD is suspected please get to a professional that has the knowledge to detect it. Treating them with courtesy and respect can earn you and your child a valuable ally.



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