Homework Ideas that make sense

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How do I make homework time more productive and less stressful for my child and myself?

Homework Ideas that make sense

Create a study environment that works for your child. Some children require deep silence, others need some kind of wordless tune, since the lyrics tend to distract them. Music with a strong beat and a repetitious rhythm, such as tribal drumming sounds are nice. Natural background noises often work too: ocean sounds, rain, or other environmental sounds are useful. Establish a consistent study time and atmosphere. This is essential--study at the same time, the same place, and keep the environment consistent. Sit down with your child and create the rules together. When a child has input, they feel empowered and are more likely to uphold the agreement. Enforce the rules. Stick to the routine day in and day out. If needed, timed breaks can be given at regular intervals. Notice and praise the child's compliance in sticking to the plan.



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