Insomnia Impacts Performance

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How can I manage my insomnia?

Insomnia Impacts Performance

Pay careful attention to diet and sleep needs. The ideal diet for AD/HD is high quality protein and complex carbohydrates. Food is medicine. We literally are what we eat. The human brain is a protein factory and it requires a large amount of protein to function properly. Diet and nutrition is important for all of us but especially for those individuals with neurologically based disorders.

Nutrition is critical for optimal functioning. Evidence based studies connecting diet to behavioral functioning is a rapidly burgeoning field. According to experts, breakfast and lunch should contain 60% protein and 40% complex carbohydrates. Dinnertime allows for a greater intake of carbohydrates, but some protein should be consumed. Water is the best drink. Water is what the body needs and wants. Diet is the cornerstone of a healthy life.

Poor diet increases irritability, distractibility and mood. Like adequate nutrition, adequate sleep is critical to human functioning. Insomnia affects behavior and performance. Sleepiness, exhaustion, and fatigue exacerbate ADHD symptoms. Sleep is critical to overall wellness. Insomnia often accompanies the symptoms of ADHD. No one performs well when he or she is tired. According to John Ratey, M.D., “enough sleep is that amount of sleep it takes for you to wake up without an alarm clock.” Monitor these basic needs carefully.



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