Getting Organized in High School

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What one tool would help my teen become more organized?

Getting Organized in High School

By the time a teen enters high school the focus on academic performance becomes heightened. At this level of classroom work organization is the key to
success. One really useful tool is an appointment calendar that shows the month in both block form and
also in 15 minute intervals throughout the month is a great tool for the AD/HD teen. At a glance, it is possible to see an entire week's worth of assignments, projects, social function, and special events. A smaller version for purse or pocket is easily carried can serve as the note minder until the larger calendar at home can be updated.

Help your son or daughter learn "how to" set up color coded files and devise a memory tickler pegboard using different colored pegs to keep track of daily schedules a month at the time. Here is how to create the board:

Paint a pegboard and divide it into sections using a 31-day calendar as a template. Leave enough room on the left side of the board to write out tasks, chores, and activities. Paint wooden dowels with bright colors and use the differently colored dowels to denote each activity, practice, and project on the board and the days they are due. For example, use red for school activities, blue for projects, green for social outings, yellow for special events. At a glance, it is easy to keep track of a month's worth of activities.

Install a dry-erase memo board near the backdoor for impromptu messages such as "Mom. I went to the pool with Jack and Jill. I'll be home by dinnertime." Encourage your child to use time wisely.

Homework is a priority. Other activities can be scheduled around homework time. Offer to be available to answer questions. Encourage study groups and host them at your house. Take care not to let them degenerate into anything other than studying.

Small handheld tape recorders work well as a source of electronic memory. Because they are fun to use and convenient for quickly summarizing important information it helps with organization and recalling details. A strip of Velcro on the back should help hold them in place in a bookbag.



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