Causes of Allergies in the Home & School.

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What are the causes of allergies?

Causes of Allergies in the Home & School.

Did you ever consider that your house may contain certain allergens that could causing more harm than good? The allergies can bring on ADD/ADHD behavior. Even after the child leaves the house the allergies usually do not clear up. What factors inside homes or schools can cause illness?
* allergenic substances, such as dust, mold and pets.
* Sources of heat (gas, oil, kerosene, wood, benzene,
* Modern chemical cleaning agents and construction materials
* Chemicals, especially formaldehyde, toluene, xylene, phenol, trichloroethylene and so on.
* Pesticides, termiticides or fungicides
* Sources of bacteria and viruses in old used sleeping cots, mattresses, carpets, and so forth
* hidden contaminant toxins or pollutants, such as lead, radon, flourescent lights, asbestos and electromagnetic energy from TVs, computers, microwaves and so on.
* poor veneration leading to an increased humidity or temperature that enhances mold, dust, mite a chemical contamination.
* the use of chemicals, odorous substances, or tabacco in unventilated confined spaces.

The suggested natural way to help manage these allergies other than getting rid of the causes is nutritional supplementation of amino acids & vitamins like Becalm'd. This information is a piece from the book "Is This your Child?" by Dr,. Dorris Rapp MD.



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