Praise to Raise the Self Esteem of an ADD ADHD Child.

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How can I raise my ADD ADHD childs self esteem?

Praise to Raise the Self Esteem of an ADD ADHD Child.

Your ADD ADHD child knows they are different. To often they are labled the trouble maker, disobedint, unruly, a day dreamer, etc.... This makes for a fusterating day. What can a parent do? For one you can use positive praise any time your ADHD ADD child is following the rules, doing homework, has finshed his/her seatwork at school or just to let them know that you love them and accept them just as they are. They didn't cause or choose to be ADHD, they were just born with it. Letting your attention deficit child you appreciate them just as they are will let the your ADHD ADD child know that you believe in them.



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